Herbal Therapeutics

All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others……

Edgar Cayce; Reading 254-17

Healing the body

I love herbs, and am absolutely passionate about them. In my practice I work predominantly with liquid herbal extracts and flower essences, and will generally determine a formulation based on around 5 to 7 herbs, following a full biopsychosocial assessment. In this way, every herb is presented in a therapeutic dose. If desired, herbs can also be dowsed, or divined, to allow for a more intuitive understanding of individual needs and requirements. This intuitive perspective is used in the context of formal study however, so that I am also able to assess the information provided from an empirical or science based understanding of the remedies.

I see it as drawing together various notes to create a specific piece of music, unique and individual….

Flower essences, being vibrational in nature, can also be dowsed.

A little about…Western Herbal Medicine

The form of herbal medicine I practice came through Europe to England, and then to the Americas, where it was blended with the knowledge of Native American Indians. While the philosophical roots of this healing approach spans several thousand years, this knowledge is now used in the context of the latest scientific enquiry and research, as we learn more and more about herbal constituents and their impact on physical or organic processes.

What happens in a herbal consult?

While this is a predominantly physical approach, I do a full biopsychosocial assessment. The physical body can be impacted by a variety of things (stress, inherited tendencies toward illness, toxicity, hormonal imbalances, as well as psychological or emotional trauma); and in and of itself, needs care and attention.

The presenting issue is then addressed through herbal prescribing, supplements as appropriate, flower essences (vibrational), and the use of essential oils etc. It is important to remember that this system of healing is holistic at heart, so the body may need to be cleansed, hormones balanced, tissues strengthened, and immune response fortified, as we work to gently change physical responses over time.

Consideration is also given to the information provided by the teachings of Edgar Cayce (medical intuitive and considered the father of holistic medicine in the US), and this knowledge is used to ’round out’ treatment protocols.