So(U)lution Therapy

“To feel one’s faculties expanding the soul is one of life’s most sublime experiences.”

David McKay

So(U)lution Therapy

……healing through expansion…..

When working from a soul perspective there is a cross over with a number of physical and mind based therapies to access the subconscious and super-conscious mind in addition to the vibrational body.

Part of this approach is an exploration of consciousness via experiential meditation techniques, mindfulness, and loving kindness… in addition to creative visualisation, intentions and an examination of Scientific Healing Affirmations.

It works from the premise that there are different aspects of mind, and this fascinating journey can take us from Pluto to Pythagoras; from Jung to Cayce…and much more….

This approach also includes:

  • Values
  • Dream Work
  • Hypnosis
  • Regression therapy
  • Flower essences and Vibrational water
  • Chakra balancing

‘The study from the human standpoint, of subconscious, subliminal, psychic, soul forces, is and should be the great study for the human family…’

Edgar Cayce 3733-4