The eMergent Process

“Healing will pass from the domain of physical methods of treating the physical body to that of spiritual and mental healing, which, by bringing about harmony of the Soul and mind, will eradicate the very basic cause of disease, and then allow such physical means to be used as necessary to complete the cure of the body”….

Edward Bach, 1931

The eMergent™ Process

Merge: verb \ˈmərj\ : to cause (two or more things) to come together and become one thing : to change into or become part of something more in a very gradual way.

Emerge: verb \əˈmərj/ to come out, appear, arise, turn up, emanate, come into view, come forth, manifest…

When we truly Merge mind body and soul – we eMerge into a new sense of knowing (intuitively driven)…and into a new sense of Be-ing….

Cayce viewed the mind, the body and the soul as a system, and like any other system it is bound together in force and purpose…. such as the organ systems within the physical body, through to the macrocosm of the solar system (and beyond)….reflecting the ancient metaphysical teaching of ‘as above – so below’.

From this perspective, the triad of our being needs to consciously learn to work in harmony, so that dis-chord does not result in dis-ease. This vibrational harmonising should be our natural state, and is often experienced spontaneously, however we can learn to consciously create this experience through increased awareness and the development of various practices. We can do so much more with the wisdom available to us than our current approaches offer.

The eMergent Process™ draws together a select range of assessments; healing approaches for the mind, body and soul; skills based work; and physical/metaphysical teachings to cleanse and harmonise our human/divine system, resulting in improved health and wellbeing. This approach also aides in the development of our consciousness….which ultimately leads to increased awareness, improved quality of life and more joyful living, whatever the circumstance….

….and to ultimately advance our spiritual walk toward home

It begins with 10 sessions which flow according to individual need. A general guide is that the sessions would occur over a 6 month period, as time is allowed for remedies to develop, as well as new skills and practices to take hold.

The program includes all physical remedies and flower essences; evidenced based psychological approaches; transpersonal approaches; practices to access the deeper mind; and energetic practices. In this, we work with science, empiricism and energy, in a truly holistic sense….exploring the dualities until we ‘epiphanise’ the third essential space….

If you would like more information, then give me a call or email, and I will send a more detailed description of the program.