About Jacqui

The desire to know, to learn and to understand…has been a lifelong pursuit. Within that, it was always important to me to engage in formal learning to support deep and intuitive understandings, as well and hard won insights into life, love, and the lived experience.

As a result of this journey what I am now able to bring to practice, and my work with others, is a knowledge and awareness that has developed over many years (millennia?), and includes formal qualifications in nursing, medical herbalism, iridology and psychology….

Yet it is the ‘other’ learning that enriches and differentiates

my approach to healing…

I have been fortunate enough to have been given deep insights through dreams, meditations, contemplations, life experiences, dowsing, and even regression work…. Insights that have been developed and broadened through the writings of many and varied teachers.

I believe that the human experience, and developing our individual ‘humanity’ is the GREAT WORK, and the opportunity for the most enlivened expression of ALCHEMY…. – the refining of the soul body through the lived experience.

In working together we will improve the capacity for physical health; enhance quality of life and potential for joy through developing the mind; and raise up the heart so that you stand strong and rooted in your values, your ‘knowing’….and from that place you will be able to open, and flow – swaying with the breezes of life, feeling the heart energy and finding expression of that energy through love… without fear….